HTC/Sprint EVO Camera Test

IMAG0018Picked up the new HTC EVO 4G last week and decided to test out the camera at the Minneapolis farmer’s market over the weekend. It’s an 8 megapixel camera, with autofocus, dual LED flash and a pretty good selection of manual controls (exposure comp, ISO, WB, metering modes, etc.) and surprisingly decent results.

I’m somewhat picky when it comes to cameras and usually carry either my Canon G10 or Canon 30D with some decent glass; I have never been too impressed with a camera phone camera. I would really love to have a decent camera on my phone, because the best camera is the one that you have with you

The EVO camera is, as I said, surprisingly decent. Colors are bright and saturated and images are sharp (almost too sharp). There are some definite jpeg artifacts when zoomed in and images look a little flat compared to a decent P&S. Overall not bad though. I would feel comfortable using it to capture important shots (in decent light). It won’t replace replace my G10 as my everyday “go-to” camera, but I can definitely see myself taking more photos now that I will always have a decent camera with me…

Judge for yourself:









  1. Those pictures look incredible. I am thinking of avoiding the iphone and it’s latest problems and just going with an evo.

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